A word on Theresa May’s muddle

9 Jan

I’m a little worried about the reports of a “muddle” in Theresa May’s message regarding Brexit – specifically about the single market.

I’m not worried or surprised by the situation – I didn’t see the Sofie Ridge interview on Sky News, but by all accounts it was very good. Not am I worried per se by the reporting – as far as I can tell based on what I have seen on Twitter and in write-ups, it’s accurate.

No, I’m concerned that, actually, she doesn’t have a plan (as many have long suspected), but that the government will now opt for a hard Brexit (out of the single market) in an attempt to save face following the interview and subsequent reports.

Of course, nothing outright has been said beyond Brexit means Brexit (means Brexit means Brexit means Brexit means… ad infinitum) and anything that seems to be even vaguely a policy statement by a minister is slapped down. Apparent indecisiveness and complete coyness about what’s actually going to happen allows for flexibility, but for how long and at what cost? Who knows – apparently not Theresa May.


Main image credit: DFID on Flickr


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