1 Jan

2015. It was a strange, mixed year.

I returned to B2B journalism, went back to Austin of the first time in three years and met Michael Dell while there, which was cool (so I’m a nerd, what did you expect #Storage4eva). I also went to China for the first time, which was amazing, and I very much want to return.

For the first time since finishing uni I started learning a new language. I’d forgotten how hard this is.

I cooked Christmas dinner for the first time, for 10 people. I was surprised how well this went.

I also went to two memorials within nine months of each other and sung La Marseilles in sorrow rather than in anticipation (or hope) of sporting triumph. It was so, so sad. It still is.

What, then, for 2016?

It’s hard to anticipate, really other than the obvious (iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, check IT Pro for more details. Yes, I am shameless). I don’t think the spectre of terrorism will leave us, nor do I think we should succumb to terror. I don’t think the spectre of the far right and terrorism will leave us either, but nor should we succumb to that.

So, here’s to a better year, perhaps a more stable year.

Oh, and remember to follow my professional writing, yeah?



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